Poor Career Advice Is Pervasive Online

Indeed, let’s hope you are not out of work, or have lost your job, and if you do still have a job like 90% of the workforce in the United States, I for one sincerely hope you keep it. But in the potential eventuality that you lose your job, it might be wise to think twice about taking career advice from online sources. Why is this you ask? Well, it’s a decent question, but let me explain it for you in simple terms.

You see, many of the folks that have websites to give career advice write content for their websites that is totally stuffed with key words using SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, but in reality do not know a whole lot about careers. For instance, if you were in the logistical business and you were laid off, you’d want advice from someone that actually worked in that industry.

Many folks that own websites, know how to build websites, write content and attract internet surfers, but they don’t know much about careers or employment, as many of them are self employed, they may never have actually had a real job in their lives. See that point?

As we read career advice online we often see a lot of nonsense about how to build a resume, or why you should network with others in the sector you seek employment? No kidding, but you can read that in any book or magazine on careers in any bookstore or magazine rack in America. Next you see cute little phrases; “it’s not what you know, but who you know,” again, no kidding.

Let’s face it poor career advice is pervasive online, if you really want good career advice you need to seek assistance from someone inside the industry sector you wish to work in, someone hopefully who has been there while. Think on this.

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